Fred Moline – Artwork – Clothing

Fred Moline – Artwork – Clothing

Fred Moline – Artwork – Clothing

“Moline means the equilibrium between masculine and feminine of finding each other’s counterpoint in another.” – Fred Moline

Fred Moline is a second semester sophomore here at BC-U hailing from Miami, Florida. He hopes to join the Nursing program next fall and has a current GPA of 3.0. The difference between Fred and his peers here at our institution is the fact that he designs and sells his own clothing. Everything that he has done has been hand drawn which makes him exclusive. I sat down with Fred to find out more on what drives him to want to be the entrepreneur that he’s already setting himself up to be.

Who is your inspiration?

Pablo Picasso inspires me because he was an artist. He drew art. There was a story behind all of his art. He always had his own style and is very unique. Art doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s how you feel inspired is what comes out on that paper. He was a walking paintbrush. He made me feel like I was a unique person.

Why did you choose to use your last name as your clothing brand?

I started my clothing line when I was in the 9th grade. I started with the name Frogger92 and that didn’t really go as well as I wanted it to go. I made it my last name because it’s artistic. It’s sexy, it’s something that I can see is my own. It’s my last name and I feel like it has that masculine/feminine type style to it which shows through my clothing.

Why is it that you do what you do?

I want to bring back art. People don’t give enough credit where it’s due to what art really is. It’s not computerized, it’s your God given talent to do what it is you do. It’s bringing something to life as your own creativity.

How does what you do inspire others?

Fred Moline

I didn’t have to do anything bad to make it where I am. Nothing is hard in life, it’s your options that make it hard. I don’t have a lot of money to do what I’m doing but when I have money I always put it towards something beneficial to my life.

How can other students here at B-CU learn from you?

Everybody has something unique about them. I feel like students should put themselves out there and just do it. A lot of people have a lot of different talents and they need to let people know that you got this, it is possible.

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