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Recycling of Electronics & Peripherals

Recycling of Electronics & Peripherals

Recycling electronics, such as cell phones, televisions, and computers (along with rechargeable batteries found in many of these items), keeps potentially harmful materials out of the waste stream and the environment.

However, with the exception of rechargeable batteries, it is still legal for NYC residents to discard electronics in the trash until the year 2015.

Effective 2015, certain electronic equipment (such as computers and televisions) will be banned from disposal, everything else can be legally discarded as trash.

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To manage your electronics legally and responsibly, take advantage of take-back, reuse, and recycling programs. Below you will find information specific to certain products (covered by law or commonly recycled) and across certain sectors (different requirements for residents, governments, and businesses). Products that are not specifically addressed below may still have reuse or recycling options.

The NYS Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act requires manufacturers of covered electronic equipment to collect and recycle or reuse their brands of products from residents and small businesses, for free. A number of retailers and community organizations work with manufacturers to accept electronics, or voluntarily offer their own recycling programs for a wide range of electronics. The NYC Department of Sanitation is working with a consortium of manufacturers to accept electronics at upcoming SAFE disposal events.

For additional recycling and reuse options for end-of-life electronics, visit electronics recycling. Entities not covered by the law should visit electronics recycling info for businesses.

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