Cool Sculpting Alternative – Boca Raton

CoolSculpting Alternative – Boca Raton

Forever Wellness
Cool Sculpting Alternative

Our incredible team of Forever Wellness Owners, Lipolysis Consultants and Technicians take advantage of our technology every day, and so should you. Yes, Forever Wellness is safe and effective. Our total body program is completely non-invasive. At most clients feel a warming sensation and some feel nothing at all – now that is just on one of our devices. Depending on your goals we have multiple technologies that may be right for you. Our program is great for overall health and wellness.

Why break a sweat when you can use technology to your advantage? Ladies, fit into that dress in the back of your closet (we all have one or two) and slide on those skinny jeans again with Forever Wellness. Men, let us help you lose that beer gut.

Forever Wellness is a total body weight loss program. We depend on technology to make your weight loss journey a quicker more enjoyable experience.

Once you come in for a consultation with a Lipolysis Consult, you will experience a mini-session that uses modern light technology. We use this technology to spot reduce troubled areas like the stomach, hips, thighs, and arms. This process shrink’s fat cells resulting in inch and fat loss and may reduce the appearance of cellulite. Our fat loss technology stimulates fibroblasts, strengthening the collagen and elastin fibers to tone and tighten your skin. This is just one of our relaxing ways to lose fat.

Forever Wellness
CoolSculpting Alternative

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