Cell Phone Germs – PhoneSoap and CELLUWIPES

Cell Phone Germs – PhoneSoap and CELLUWIPES

To get rid of germs on your phone at home use PhoneSoap.
To remove germs while you are on the go, use the convenient disposable electronics wipes CELLUWIPES.

PhoneSoap Website: https://www.phonesoap.com

CELLUWIPES Website: http://www.celluwipes.com

PhoneSoap Charger White – Phone UV Sanitizer & Universal Charger


No more dirty calls

Hand sanitizer has become pretty common. Most of us walk by sanitizer dispensers at shops, hospitals, train stations, restaurants, or a myriad of other places. All these dispensers leave us hopeful that we’re not catching or spreading diseases, but they can only help so much.

Everything your hands touch is shared with everything else your hands touch, one of which is your phone. Now you can give your phone a nightly bath of UV cleanliness with this PhoneSoap UV Smartphone Sanitizer. This tanning-bed-like device is designed to fit around most Smartphones and uses two UV lights to penetrate bacteria and viruses, weakening their DNA and killing them without chemicals. Plus, it’s designed so you can simultaneously charge your phone.

No more dirty calls
– Uses short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation to sanitize your phone
– Entire process takes about 4 minutes
– Holes ensure you can hear your phone inside
– UV-C Sanitizer – Safely kill 99.99% of bacteria
– Universal Cell Phone Charger – Standard USB port for charging iPhone’s, Androids, etc
– Acoustic Audio Amplifier – Hear your notifications while your phone is sanitizing
– Inner Dimensions (Sanitizing Space): Inches: 6 L x 3.74 W x .78 H
– Disinfect in 5 minutes or leave your phone inside overnight while it charges

For a portable mobile solution use CELLUWIPES
Cell Phone WIpes


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Who needs Celluwipes?

Anyone with a cell phone, PDA, MP3s, smart phones, digital cameras, or handheld gaming device. Germs don’t discriminate – they’re everywhere! Sanitizing your mobile device has never been easier than with Celluwipes. Prevent the spread of skin irritations, dermatitis, rashes, viruses, and infections caused by the thousands of microscopic bacteria living on your mobile device right now!

Can’t I use any moist wipe to clean my cell phone?

NO! Other wipes not made specifically for mobile devices may damage your expensive handheld electronics. Cleaning cloths made for other uses may scratch, over-saturate, streak, and leave a filmy residue. Don’t leave your communication to chance – use Celluwipes for a clean, clear connection, while reducing the spread of germs.

Where can I find Celluwipes?

Ordering Celluwipes couldn’t be easier! For your convenience, Celluwipes are available online. Click here for fast, secure checkout. http://celluwipes.com Or call 866-97-WIPES (866-979-4737) for bulk orders and info on how to stock Celluwipes in your store!