Enhance your Google ad using extensions

Enhance your Google ad using extensions

Giving customers more reasons to click your ad

By including additional business information with your ad, such as your address and phone number, more website page links, or a third-party review, ad extensions offer customers even more reasons to click your ad. Ad extensions appear with your ad on Google, and in some cases across the Google Display Network. There’s no cost to add extensions to your campaign but, as always, you’re charged for clicks on your ad, as well as certain user interactions with ad extensions, such as clicking the call button.

Most ads with extensions appear above search results. This placement often has higher costs-per-click (CPCs) than CPCs for ads that appear beside search results.

To show more relevant information to users, we incorporate the expected impact from your extensions into your calculated Ad Rank (a combination of your bid, the quality of your ad and landing page, and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats). This means that if two competing ads have the same bid and quality, the ad with the more positive expected impact from extensions will generally appear in a higher ad position than the other.

Because ads above search results, where most ads with extensions appear, typically cost more than ads beside or below search results, and because your Ad Rank (which factors in the expected impact of your extensions, your bid, and Quality Score) determines whether or not your ad is eligible to be displayed with ad extensions, you may need to increase your bid or your Quality Score (or both) in order for your extension to show.

Most ad extensions are created at the campaign level. You can set up extensions while creating your campaign for the first time, or create new ones within an existing campaign. Certain types of extensions are upgraded with additional features, for instance, the ability to be created at the ad group level, or to show on your ads without any setup.