Hair Care – Coconut Oil As a Daily Hair Detangler

If you have long or curly hair, dealing with tangles may be a daily battle for you.  Coconut oil can help here, too!  Also, because it’s 100% natural, organic virgin coconut oil won’t leave any residue or long-term damage to your tresses!  Before brushing or styling your hair, just follow these few steps to use coconut oil as a detangler:

– Gather your hair brush, a comb or hair pick, two small bowls of different sizes (one should fit inside the other), and your jar of organic virgin coconut oil.

– Scoop a small amount of coconut oil into the smaller of the two bowls and set the smaller bowl in the bottom of the larger one.

– Fill the larger bowl with hot water so the smaller bowl is partially submerged, but not floating or taking on water.

– Let your coconut oil come to temperature so it is completely melted.

– Use your fingers to gently massage the oil into the ends of your hair, then – starting from the ends and working your way toward the roots – gently work out tangles with a comb or hair pick.

– Let the oil soak in, then brush and style as usual.  No need to rinse or shampoo.  Coconut oil will continue to nourish your hair all day long!