Triple Centrifuged Process – Fresh, Clean, Nutritious

natural organic coconut oil

Absolutely no pesticides or fertilizers used. Absolutely no heat is used in making our premium centrifuged coconut oil. We personally researched many farms and selected our products only from fair trade and sustainable coconut farms in the Philippines, and only from those which have clean facilities, have repeatable and well-managed processes, and produce the highest quality coconut products.

Coconut oil is increasingly becoming known for its benefits as a healthy and nutritious superfood, and also as a nutrifying body lotion.

Recent studies have lauded the benefits of the medium chain fatty acids (MCTs – Medium Chain Triglycerides).
According to the studies, coconut oil’s major benefits include:
– Helps weight loss! Helps control the appetite.
– Anti-bacterial
– Anti-fungal
– Anti-viral
– Assimilated into the body better than long chain triglycerides


 Coco Nutrify
Coconut oil is becoming known for its health benefits as a super healthy food, and also as a nutrifying body lotion.


 Japonesa Beauty Soap
Japonesa – a cream bar soap that is a SKIN FOOD with multiple benefits.