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Health and Hope Institute LLC - Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine


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  Scheduled appointments are necessary to give you (and the other patients) the time, attention and quality of care you deserve; although, Walk Ins are also accepted depending on schedule availability. Any other appointment times are possible depending on circumstances, special needs and severity of condition, but they need to be arranged in advance.


Claudia P.Chica, P.T, A.P, D.O.M.

• Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Diplomat in Acupuncture (NCCAOM)
• Physical Therapist (PT008788-PA)
• Acupuncture Physician with Certification in Chinese Herbal Medicine (NCCAOM & FL Board)


“Acupuncture, the Timeless Art of Self-healing.”

“Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine” is among the oldest healing practices in the world, and it originated in Asian countries more than 5.000 years ago as part of a ‘Traditional, Whole and Holistic medical system’ that regards the Rhythms and the Laws of Nature to maintain the balance of the Human Being in the universe in which it exists. It is based on the concept that disease results from disruption in the flow of Qi and imbalance in the forces of Yin and Yang. Practices such as the use of Medicinal Herbs, Moxibustion, Meditation and Breathing techniques, Qi-gong (cultivation of Inner Vitality), Medical massage and manipulation, and Acupuncture, seek to aid healing by restoring the yin-yang balance and the flow of Qi (And this system is often referred to as TCM-Traditional Chinese Medicine, eve though many other countries have offered great contributions to this kind of wholistic medicine, like Japan and Korea.

In easy words; Acupuncture aims to restore and maintain health through the stimulation of specific (highly energetic, hormonal and magnetic) points on the body.

Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture are used as a “Primary or Complementary Health approaches” to promote wellness, recover health and increase harmony at all levels. Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture could work concomitantly with Western Medicine approaches and treatments to get you the best possible care and outcome, and it will be an honor for us at Health & Hope Institute to work directly with your treating Western Physician.

East and West meet and harmony and health are restored.

The effects of acupuncture are:

1. Alters and benefits the state of the mind and the emotions.
2. Remedies ailments, heals disease and diminishes pain.
3. Enhances recovery, immunity, and functional activity for restoration of work capabilities.


Creation was born from the union of two polarities. This is called Ying and Yang. Yin is inward and Yang is outward. Examples would be:

Yin Yang

Earth Heaven
Cold heat
Wet dry
Inner outer
body mind

When the above is in harmony health, good weather, and good fortune prevail. When this balance is lost disease, disaster and bad health result. We are all our own miniature worlds and need balance and harmony to be well maintained. Acupuncture helps us recover and maintain health and wellness.

Nature has air, sea, and land . The human body has Qi, moisture and blood. Qi allows us to move, think, feel, and work. In western thinking it would be the spirit or electromagnetic force. Moisture is the liquid that protects feeds and lubricates our tissues. Blood results in making bone marrow/bone tissue, nerves, skin, muscles, and organs.

As humans we have mind (Soul or Spirit), psyche (Shen) and body (Jing - Essence), and when everything is working in proper order and in harmony with natural rhythms, the body has the ability to remain strong and healthy, or to recover and regenerate itself, as needed. We cannot measure the impact of the unseen (thought and emotions) on the visible. There are no miracles, just not well explained, not known or not well understood facts.

Qi, moisture, and blood are eroded by our emotional tensions, too little or too much exercise, not enough rest, and poor diet. This results in impairment of our organ networks.

Nature and the body have 5 basic Elements and Organs:


Wood Liver
Fire Heart
Earth Spleen
Metal Lung
Water Kidney

THE LIVER stores blood, regulates the smooth flow of Qi, and temperament. Diseases of this organ system are tension in neck and shoulders, visual problems, high blood pressure, headache, extreme anger and frustration, and impulsive behavior.

THE HEART flows through arteries and also houses the Spirit of the Seven emotions and governs the mind. When disturbed, angina, chest pressure, palpitations, confusion, concentration and memory problems, and disturbed/restless sleep may result.

THE SPLEEN digest food, fluids, and ideas. When this organ system is disturbed one sees digestion problems, bloating, physical and mental fatigue, poor concentration, and impaired thinking.

THE LUNG controls the body rhythms. It defends its boundaries (first line of protection of body) and affords inspiration. When diseased one sees chest tightness, skin rashes, lack of immunity, diminished resistance to colds, rigid thinking, sadness, grief and melancholy.

THE KIDNEY manages the fluid metabolism but also stores essence ( the ability to regenerate and recover). It controls the teeth, bones, marrow, brain, inner ears, pupil of the eye, and lumbar region. It controls the ability for sharp thinking and recent memory, good fertility and good body growth.

In similar correlation to Nature’s environment, the body has 5 climates that result in physical symptoms:






Qi, moisture, and blood link the body through channels. When circulation is impaired, the result is joint pain, headaches, asthma, indigestion, high blood pressure, and colds. Congestion results in aches, tenderness, pain, bloating, irritability and swelling. Deficiency results in weakness lethargy, lack of immunity to illnesses, poor digestion and poor blood flow.

Qi (Vitality-Electromagnetic energy) travels through channels of energy in the body (like rivers). These rivers of energy are called meridians. There are 14 such channels: twelve carry vitality (Qi) from the hands and feet, one in the center on the front of the body and one in the center on the back of the body, plus Eight Extraordinary Meridians that act as highly specialized reservoirs of Qi and could be used for very particular needs and in times of great congestion and/or depletion of the whole system.

ACUPUNCTURE POINTS are areas in the skin where these rivers of energy come closest to the body surface. These points are opened and closed to adjust the circulation in the channels, and release toxins from them. These points are also storage areas for cortisone, testosterone, estrogen, and a number of hormones. When these points are stimulated with acupuncture, hormones are released, electromagnetic signals are discharged and the acupuncture points decrease in size. Very tiny solid stainless steel needles are brought close to the skin or are gently inserted few millimeters into these points to promote health and healing.

Most patients do not even feel the tip of the minute needles touching their skin, because these points are highly charged energetically and sometimes are so deficient that the body is asking for them to be stimulated. In some cases patients may only feel a light sensation of a small pinch, followed by comfortable warmth or distending feeling. Relief of symptoms and increased energy occur within 48 hours after treatment. Needles are left in for 20-30 minutes.


Broad categories are as follows:
1. Chronic Fatigue and Chronic-Debilitating Pain
2. Decreased immunity
3. Rejuvenation to delay and revert accelerated signs of Aging
4. Acute, Chronic and Recurrent Infections and Chronic Inflammation
5. Conditions of the Five senses; Skin, and Hair problems
6. Musculo-skeletal and Neurological problems
7. Cardio-vascular and Circulatory problems
8. Genital problems, Impotence and Sexual dysfunction
9. Urinary Tract Infections or difficulties
10. Behavioral disorders and Addictions
11. Respiratory, Digestive disorders and Allergies
12. Infertility / Reproductive disorders
13. Stress reduction, Mental and Emotional situations
14. Sleeping and eating disorders

Eastern medicine protects and preserves health, prevents disease and anticipates possible states of degeneration and illness, helps keep emotional, mental and physical balance, and renews our resources, vitality and essence. Western medicine treats after a crisis has developed and although, heroic rescues are attempted, sometimes using pharmaceuticals, invasive procedures and surgeries could add to the impairment and progressive dysfunction of the body.

An informed and successful patient is a patient who decides for the best, most conservative and proper care that is not going to cause any more detriment to their health or worsening in their condition, and in most cases, through the use of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture, patients may finally receive the relief and the benefits they have long been looking for and were not able to achieve with Allopathic (Western) medical procedures, surgeries and pharmaceuticals.

Some Acute and Chronic diseases or complaints may benefit from an interaction between both Western and Eastern medicine. The two are not substitutes for each other, but may complement each other, and in this case, the staff of Health & Hope Institute, will be honored to work with your Western Physician in proposing the best plan of care for your needs.


Oriental Medical diagnosis is mainly achieved by inquiring about signs and symptoms and history of disease processes, accruing information regarding past medical and surgical history, genetics, pertinent laboratory testing or other diagnostic procedures (such as MRI, X-Rays, Ultrasound, exploratory surgeries, etc); as well as by feeling the Pulse (with its different organ representations) and the Yin and Yang meridians where vitality (Qi) runs through, observing the color of the face/complexion, examining the Abdominal Hara and changes in skin temperature, moisture and/or texture, observing different areas of the tongue for specific colors, thickness and texture of the tongue body and the coat; body appearance/constitution; and skin blemishes, eruptions or problems over the external Ear and along the trajectory of the meridians.

Additional information is gathered regarding prior treatments for current or other health complaints and outcome of the same, type of work of the patient, living habits, physical environment, emotional and family life, and family history obtained.


The main goal of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture is to enhance health, by promoting increased areas of healthy tissue, preserving areas of strength and tonifying areas of weakness/depletion, sedating/draining areas of excess; in few words: “Creating Harmony and Dynamic Balance” in an always changing, always moving, always evolving ‘Open and Highly Intelligent system’. One of the ways to achieve this balance is to regulate Yin and Yang, wet and dry, cold and heat, inner and outer expressions and energies; and promoting a healthier Communication and Inter-Dependence between the body, the mind and the soul. This is accomplished by balancing the Qi, Moisture, and Blood in the organ network with very gentle Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture techniques, then: Weak organs are strengthened, Congested channels are opened, Heat is cooled, Dryness is moistened,
Stiffness/Tightness is released, Dampness is drained.

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101 Lake Hayes Rd. Suite 105, Oviedo, Florida, United States,


Health and Hope Institute LLC - Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Added 11/23/2010
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