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Oviedo Mall


Special Offer:

  Summer Stay & Play
Tuesday & Wednesday, June 5 - Aug 1, 12pm -2pm
Join Oviedo Mall for our Kids Summer Stay & Play! Free kids activities, located in the food court, from noon to 2pm including face painting, balloon bending, story telling, magic shows, and more.

Stay and Play with us this summer!


Oviedo Mall

1700 Oviedo Mall Blvd
Oviedo, Florida 32765
(407) 977-2400

Oviedo Mall Hours
Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-9:00pm
Sunday: 12:00pm-6:00pm
The Oviedo Mall is a complete entertainment experience in Seminole County with more than 95 shops. A great place to shop while the kids are entertained at the Regal Cinemas Oviedo Mall 22 screen theater.

Itís time to make a trip to Oviedo Marketplace Mall for the best in shopping, entertainment and dining in Oviedo! Whether you enjoy a relaxing dinner at one of the mall's restaurants or spend the day shopping at all your favorite stores, Oviedo Marketplace Mall offers a complete entertainment experience.

And donít forget, for all of your questions, comments, stroller and wheelchair rentals, gift card purchases, free newspapers and information; be sure to visit the new Customer Service desk located in the mall management office.

List of Stores and Restaurants in Oviedo Mall

Amy's Hallmark
Phone: 407.977.4220 / Location: F

Ashton Photography
Phone: 407.977.3686 / Location: C

AT&T/Mobile Communications
Phone: 407.366.0027 / Location: G

Auntie Anne's Pretzels
Phone: 407.366.7400 / Location: B

Phone: 407.366.8662 / Location:
Inside Sears Auto Center

Barnes & Noble
Phone: 407.977.5500 / Location: C

Barnes & Noble Cafe
Phone: 407.977.5500 / Location: C

Bath & Body Works
Phone: 407.977.2983 / Location: I

Berry Field Frozen Yogurt - NOW OPEN!
Location: H

Beyond Ink Tattoos
Phone: 407.542.4921 / Location: I

Bon Worth
Phone: 407.359.8769 / Location: B

Phone: 407.359.8294 / Location: C

Brow Art 23
Phone: 407.366.1117 / Location: B

C.O.P.S. & Volunteer Ctr
Phone: 407.971.5705 / Location: J

Chamberlin's Market & Cafe
Phone: 407.359.7028 / Location: A

Champs Sporting Goods
Phone: 407.977.2422 / Location: B

Charlotte Russe
Phone: 407.977.1083 / Location: I

Phone: 407.977.5698 / Location: H
Online Menu

The Children's Place
Phone: 407.365.8776 / Location: B

Claire's Accessories
View Gift Ideas
Phone: 407.977.2808 / Location: I

Phone: 407.977.9996 / Location: Anchor

Dollar Tree
Phone: 407.359.1371 / Location: J

Embroidery World
Phone: 407.443.9714 / Location: I

Phone: 407.971.9504 / Location: G

Foot Locker
Phone: 407.977.0003 / Location: G

Phone: 407.359.7355 / Location: C

Glass Slipper Academy
Phone: 407.977.7230 / Location: I

Glass Slipper Cakery
Phone: 407.977.7230 / Location: C

Phone: 407.366.0405 / Location: E

Gold Buyers @ The Mall
Phone: 407.366.6366 / Location: G

Phone: 407.977.4412 / Location: C

Hands of Time
Phone: 407.366.7447 / Location: D

House of Da'Le
Phone: 407.739.8151 / Location: J

Jos. A. Bank Clothiers
Phone: 407.977.0244 / Location: K

Phone: 407.977.4566 / Location: G

View Gift Ideas
Phone: 407.971.0366 / Location: D

Kay Jewelers
Phone: 407.977.5090 / Location: D

La Maison Diamonds
Phone: 407.359.6355 / Location: B

Phone: 407.977.5643 / Location: C

Phone: 407.971.7300 / Location: Anchor

Phone: 407.366.0222 / Location: B

Mediteranean Gourmet
Phone: 407.971.1997 / Location: H

Men's Wearhouse & Tux
Phone: 407.977.3791 / Location: F

Merle Norman Cosmetics
Phone: 407.971.0590 / Location: F

Nail Elite
Phone: 407.359.5353 / Location: K

Natural Nail
Phone: 407.359.9079 / Location: F

News Rack
Phone: 407.366.5768 / Location: H

NY Burger House - NOW OPEN
Phone: 407.878.8186 / Location: H

Paul Mitchell The School Orlando - Coming Soon

Paul Mitchell the School Orlando - Coming Soon
Phone: Coming Soon! / Location: D

Payless ShoeSource
View Gift Ideas
Phone: 407.359.3377 / Location: F

Pet Rescue by Judy
Phone: 407.302.4497 / Location: B

Piercing Pagoda
Phone: 407.977.7880 / Location: B

Precious Fine Jewelers
Phone: 407.977.8000 / Location: J

Phone: 407.977.4424 / Location: C

Regal Cinema
Phone: 407.977.7206 / Location: H, Upper Level

Regis Salon
Phone: 407.365.4111 / Location: E

The Salon at Macy's
Phone: 407.971.7281 / Location: Macy's - 2nd floor

Sarku Japan
Phone: 407.366.2961 / Location: H

Sassy's Bridal
Phone: 407.542.4942 / Location: C

Sbarro Italian Eatery
Phone: 407.977.0040 / Location: H

Phone: 407.971.2600 / Location: Anchor

Sears Auto Center
Phone: 407.971.2695 / Location: Anchor, Sears Parking Lot

Sears Optical
Phone: 407.971.2668 / Location: Sears

The Shoe Dept.
Phone: 407/359-3413 / Location: D

Smoothy Bee
Phone: 407.977.9833 / Location: H

Phone: 407-359-4175 / Location: K1

Phone: 407.971.8042 / Location: H

T Mobile
Phone: 407.977.2785 / Location: F

Vagabond Traveler
Phone: 407.470.9377 / Location: K

Victoria's Secret
View Gift Ideas
Phone: 407.365.1707 / Location: I

Wet Seal
Phone: 407.977.6705 / Location: G
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1700 Oviedo Marketplace Blvd, Oviedo, Florida, United States, 32765


Oviedo Mall
Added 08/20/2010 | Updated 07/10/2012
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