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Orlando Paintball


Special Offer:

  Half off Mondays; Tuesdays are cheaper paintballs for only $39.95 for a case of 2000 paintballs. Wednesdays get our Super Gun rental package with sniper barrel for only $30.95. Thursdays rent for only $20. FREE pizza slice per player. 407-294-0694


Orlando Paintball has been in business for almost 20 years and we are going strong! Our fields and props are constantly updated to give you the cutting edge and the most for your dollar. At Orlando Paintball we care about our players. To ensure that our players are happy, we provide great service and keep our prices low. Unlike other fields, the paintballs we use are the best in quality, no seconds! We only use “premium” grade paintballs to ensure accuracy and that they do not break in your gun.
INDOOR / OUTDOOR FIELDS: Games are played both Indoors and/or Outdoors, so don’t worry about your group being rained out. We have an extreme variety of fields. Here are the features of each field:

(A): Indoor futuristic all metal field, the only one of its kind on this planet! Includes, pyramids, two storey towers, bunkers, etc.
(B): Home of the famous SWAT vs Convicts field. Room scenarios, tunnel, forts, two storey tower, bunkers.
(C): Inflatable bunkers called “Air Ball”. For the paintballers it’s called, “Brand new 2012 X-Ball field”.
(D): Military themed field with palm tries mixed in.
(E): Futuristic symmetric tubular field. Some think Aliens have designed it.
(F): “Call of Duty” themed field. Large field with bridges, trench, woods, army camp, and two storey structures.

SUPERIOR RENTALS: Our rental guns and safety masks are the best in the industry. We offer many packages to choose from including mechanical to advanced electronic guns. Our paintball guns run on compressed air giving you the highest accuracy. For players with their own equipment , our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always available to help. We are in business to give you the ultimate experience in paintball. We also have a secret anti-fog ingredient spray, no-one else has, to ensure that your masks don’t fog.

FREE PIZZA: One slice per player. We have an excellent relationship with Papa John’s pizza where you can also buy a large pizza for only $9.50 (plus $3 for delivery if not ordered when we order for the players.)
GAMES: We are famous over the last 20 years for the large variety of games, such as SWAT vs Convicts, Aliens, Center Flag, Heist, Nuclear meltdown, Attack and Defend, Mission Impossible, and many others.

INSTRUCTION: We will give you full instructions in video and in person, for Safety; How to use equipment; Paintball player rules; and Tips and techniques. Of course before each game is played, game instructions will be given in full as to the objective required to win each game.
Your Pictures on Orlando Paintball Facebook Page!

YOUR PICTURES ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: That’s right, and it’s FREE! We may not have the best photographers, but we try to take you in action while you are at our facility! This way you can remember your experience and share it with your friends and family. In case you want some extra pics, please ask our Hosts for some extra pics of you and your group in action! Visit our facebook page to see some of the daily action:

LASER TAG: Another advantage to our facility, is our Laser Tag games. Suitable for the younger ones ( Ages 5 and Up ), or those who would like a different flavor from paintball, we also run some serious Laser Tag games that feature the latest technology Laser Tag systems. Our Laser Tag guns are no joke. For more details on our Laser Tag, click here: Laser Tag Orlando or
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7215 Rose Avenue, Orlando, Florida, United States, 32810


Orlando Paintball
Added 05/30/2012
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