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Battleground Orlando


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Battleground Orlando is Florida’s largest INDOOR and OUTDOOR advanced laser tag facility. Wide variety of (6) fields and games. Fields include:

Futuristic all METAL Themed field, with two storey towers Urban field with room scenarios, stair cases, forts, and a tunnel, Call of Duty themed wooded field with army camp, forts, two storey towers, bridges and trenches, Large Military themed field, Alien themed field consisting of plastic tubular structures Inflatable vinyl prop field

Latest technology rental equipment using both infra-red and RF radio signals. You know exactly who you hit, your health, ammo, number of kills, who shot you, time remaining in the game, and much more, right on your gun’s LCD display! Play 7 days/week 12pm-12am (+ after-hours till 6am Fri/Sat). FREE pizza! FREE Wi-Fi Internet for bored parents. (407) 371-0686


$19.95 – One hour,
$29.95 – Two hours,
$39.95 – Three hours.
Private Group FEE: $50 ( Not required for 16 or more players )

AGES: 5 and up.
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7190 Rose Avenue, Orlando, Florida, United States, 32810


Battleground Orlando
Added 05/31/2012
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