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Oceans Direct - Exotic Saltwater Fish and Custom Aquariums - GeoClickz



Oceans Direct - Exotic Saltwater Fish and Custom Aquariums


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  Price Match Guarantee On Livestock
We here at Oceans Direct strive to bring you the best quality livestock at reasonable prices. If for any reason you see the same item we will match the price and give you an additional 5% Off.
We will match and give you a additional 5% off any advertised Livestock Fish or invertebrate. Corals not included. Item must be advertised and we must have the item in stock not to be combined with any other offer. Validity of advertised price at the discretion of Oceans Direct.
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We had our official Grand Opening on Saturday June 16. Thank you to the hundreds of people for coming and making our grand opening a huge success.

Oceans Direct gets TANKED this season!
We will be on an episode of the “TANKED” show on Animal Planet this season. Watch all of the crew from Oceans Direct help Brett and Wayde setup another spectacular aquarium…

Ocean Direct since 2002 is a full service saltwater fish store located in Longwood Florida. Although the name “Ocean Direct” is only eight years old, the owner, George Russo, has been in the aquarium trade business for over 30 years. George Russo was born in California and found plenty of work with all the many wholesalers out in Los Angeles. He has always kept in contact with his friends out there, which has been a tremendous plus in getting the best livestock coming out of LA. Once George moved to Central Florida, he opened up his first retail store in 1995, “Fins and Feathers”, in Apopka. After getting tired of cleaning up bird feathers every day, George dropped the birds and renamed it “Seven Seas” in Longwood on 434. Having that great location and the best variety of fish and corals, George grew his business to be one of the best in Central Florida. After nine years of running Seven Seas, George sold the business to pursue the wholesale aspect of the fish business. After years of wholesaling, he realized that he missed the people aspect of retail, and formed present day Oceans Direct.


The most important part of any Aquarium business is the experience of the staff we hire. Ocean Direct employs only the most experienced and knowledgeable staff. Each of our employees have years of experience in the aquarium hobby and are there to help you with all your needs.

Custom Designed Aquariums

A custom made fish tank can breathe life into an office, home or any large business. When dramatic is the only way to go, a custom made aquarium is ready to fit the bill. When choosing a company to create your custom built aquarium, you want to find a trusted company that has a perfect understanding of the intricate designs, stability issues and materials needed for high volume aquariums.
Even if you know that a custom made fish tank is what you are looking for, you may not know how to spot the right one for you and your area. The first consideration is the size and height of the area in which the custom fish tank will sit. If you have only a small space and want a larger aquarium, you may have to go taller rather than longer or wider.
The talented and experienced staff at Oceans Direct can help your design the custom aquarium project for your space and budget. Call us today to setup an appointment and get you started on the right path.
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203 W State Road 434 , Longwood, Florida, United States,


Oceans Direct - Exotic Saltwater Fish and Custom Aquariums
Added 06/18/2012
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