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Use GeoClickz Orlando SEO Tools to advertise and market your business on the internet.

Traditionally, the telephone companies have viewed the yellow pages (print directories) as "cash cows". In terms of business, they were the slow growth divisions that produced a steady predictable, reliable profitable revenue.

Because of this monopoly by the telephone company, their control of new phone numbers by the communication companies, telephone directories and their yellow page divisions, were somewhat protected from their competition.

Like most monopolies, the communication companies were in a very strong position. No matter how poor the service or how high the price, the yellow pages have always had a captive audience and market. Their answer has usually been to raise price in order to keep the profit margins up.

The internet came along took marketshare with a new generation of websites for businesses. The communication companies tried to switch over their print directories and convert them to an online resource. This conversion also keep their profit margins high and the public started to jump ship. These enlightened businesses started to use alternative advertising as a way to of get customers by utilizing advertising with Google and a "pay per click" program. This was also an expensive program in internet marketing and advertising.

Along came Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook and My Space. These were free ads and webpages that could be seen by the public. Unfortunately the people using these websites were not the mainstream and much of the information available wasn't located in a uniform manner. Businesses couldn't "reach" the proper customers they wanted and so their advertising campaign needed to be supplemented with a search engine optimization SEO program as well. Again they needed to pay additional costs to get results.

Today there is finally a solution available. In comes GeoClickz Orlando SEO Tools, the free online resource and Search Engine Marketing SEM program. GeoClickz Orlando provides a free way to increase the visibility of your website without any changes to your existing website itself using GeoClickz Orlando Free SEO Tools.

No changes needed to be made to your existing Orlando website:

There is no risk to you and nothing is needed to be modified on your website in order to benefit from our free web design SEO Tools. We add additional online "advertising signs" on the vast internet pointing back to your business location. It is like picking up shoppers from several different locations and dropping them off at your front door. You just provide us the link to your destination (company website address) and we will bring visitors there for free. Use our free SEO Tools to get them to come to you.

When you sign up, register and create a password protected user account, you are permitted to access the following list of features at no cost:

- create free listings in a city of your choosing (expires periodically)
- create and maintain a webpage for your business or organization
- upload photos, logos, advertisements, menus, product images etc. (JPG format only)
- modify and maintain content for all your listings and web pages using your online account
- publish information about specials, sales, coupons and promotions as needed
- startup a new business or promote an existing one without internet advertising costs
- monitor traffic to your ads with view counters and webpage hits
- redirect internet traffic with a link to your existing website
- provide contact information for consumers who are seeking your products or services
- reach a ready to buy customer base without any start up or ongoing maintenance costs

This all comes with an associated price tag... FREE!

Start today and begin the long journey to financial recovery. It costs you nothing to create the advertising campaign you need to get your business turned around. We can all help each other create something really useful for everyone involved.

Find It. Click It.

Build It And They WIll Come...


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